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This is dedicated to our Earth Mother, Sky Father, our beloved Honey Bees
EarthKeeper - John Armbruster (1949-2004)
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Flower of LIfe                     Flower of Life

Bee Here Now - Urgent Call for 2008

Mother Earth is asking all Earthkeepers and Lightworkers to
(wherever you are in whatever time zone)
Gather on
8-8-08 Avebury Stone Circle
8 pm
(please arrive at the Red Lion Pub in Avebury at 5 pm for the ceremony)

888 is the astrological activation time to open the new 5th Dimensional Spiritual Paradigm and will create a worldwide harmonic energy wave for personal and planetary ascension.

With China's recent violent brutality and inhumanity to the Tibetan people, the Chinese chose 8/8/08 for the opening of the Olympic games because of the power of 8/8/08. You can do something to bring about the change. We, Lightworkers and Earthkeepers, can put an end to this violence and control by joining together as  One Heart, One Mind and One Love raising the conciousness at this critical and powerful time.

Our magical teachers, the Honeybees, gift to Earth from the Planet Venus, move in a figure eight, Infinity dance and remind us of the importance of continuing the eternal wave of balance and harmony staying in the flow with the feed-back loop of creation.

Wherever you are on our Beloved Planet Goddess Earth on 888 at 8:00 am or 8:00 pm anytime zone open your heart and join with friends, Angels, Guides, Guardians, Masters and Our Star Nations to bring about the Shift.

Click to The 1999 Solar eclipse, symbol and message for it is connected to this 888 activation and can be used again as the key that now needs another turning to activate this ascension:

We will be linking this Spiritual Harmonic Convergence of 8-8-8
with channel David K. Miller and the Arcturians
Mount Shasta, California  August 8,9 & 10, 2008
To learn more about this gathering please go to the website: www.cybertrails/groupofforty

If you would like to join Elizabeth HeartStar for an 8 day Avalon pilgrimage
for the 8-8-8 event click here.

Hearing about the disappearance of the honeybees, I prayed for many days and was awakened at sunrise one morning with a message from Our Earth Mother. Since April 2007 there has been much media about the flight/plight of the bees. I believe that the bees are awakening in us the need to take action. Bees are the symbol of Friendship, Sweetness & the Life of the Goddess. Honeybees are the oldest social insects. They are a gift to the Earth from the planet Venus and have been creating the Earth Grid , pollinating plants for our food source and bringing beauty and honey to us for over 100 million years. Over 50% of the Honeybee population has died. They are now on the endangered species list. We must do something now. This Autumn Equinox vision came to me on the Wesak Full Moon May lst, 2007.
This is the message that came through to me:

Our Earth Mother is calling all Earthkeepers and Lightworkers
Bee Here Now  - Gather together as the Flower of Life
in Sacred Union, Ritual and Ceremony
Autumn Equinox - September 23, 2007 - 12 :00 noon any time zone

To Honor, in Gratitude and Thankfulness Mother Nature
for Everything;  the Birds, the Bees,
the Flowers and the Trees, the Four-Leggeds,
the Crops, the Children, the Waters and the Seas

~To pause the slideshow, mouse over an image.~

Here is a slideshow starting with a seed group of 24 who gathered in Stonehenge sunrise Sept 20, 2007 to bring the energy for the Autumn Equinox down the ley line to Avebury Stone Circle 18.6 miles away, segueing into the Autumn Equinox September 23rd, 2007 ceremony at the northern circle of Avebury. Between 60-70 people attended.

Now is a critical time on our Beloved and Beautiful Planet Earth.
We are being asked to come together to activate the Flower of Life repairing the 12 strand DNA and to birth a new frequency and paradigm, which supports a healthy life-sustaining world based on health, harmony, integrity, freedom, peace, love and plenty for all. There is all the knowledge, the means and the technologies to create this Heaven on Earth right now.
It is our birthright.

We Must Invoke this!

We ask for your love and prayers of appreciation now.

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